Within our Info Trade Group Site Control Panel you will see a simple to operate Web–site Builder instrument, that can be used to create your new website. The Web–site Builder has over 1 hundred distinct web templates, accessible in numerous color choices, that you can individualize to your preferences. In order to make a fresh site, you won’t need to be aware of HTML, PHP, CSS or other backend language. All that you should understand is how to work with the user–friendly manager of the Site Builder. You can use it to promptly construct brand new webpages, modify their information, insert new elements to your website and many more.

An Intuitive Web–site Builder

No programming expertise is necessary

Not everybody has the necessary time and ability to find out how to create a personal or enterprise web site completely from scratch. This is why, our company offers a very simple, simple–to–operate site building tool that will help you get a web site on the web in a matter of min’s. It operates with well over a hundred turn–key design themes that you could individualize the way you like.

With the Website Builder, you do not need to know HTML, CSS or other language to construct your personal web site. If, nonetheless, you need assistance employing the program, you can view Info Trade Group’s step–by–step video tutorials or support posts.

Easy-to-use Site Builder

Multiple Website Layout Templates

We have over a hundred site templates

We provide you with more than 1 hundred design themes with various color options and different styles. In this way, you can easily make your site distinctive from the start. You can insert extra pages, alter their order, etcetera.

In case you no longer like the look and feel of your website, you can easily switch the layout template, the coloring setup and the style at any moment. The current content will be saved and will be displayed on the brand new web template quickly.

Multiple Website Templates

Step–by–step Video Tutorials

Observe how painless it is actually to develop a web site

Our Site builder is without doubt straightforward, but, to be able to be getting the most from the app, you will need a little bit of assistance and practical knowledge. To help you receive the greatest results, we have organized several training videos focused upon the different functions offered by Site Studio.

The video tutorials will assist you to better understand how to manage the site software.

Video Tutorials