The success of a website generally depends on its content and on where and how you promote it. Distinctive content and an effective marketing campaign will in most cases provide more visitors, but there are several other factors which will really make a difference as well. A few examples are: how easy it is to browse the site, whether you focus on different groups with the very same content, what ranking you have in search engines like google, etc. We've integrated several tools to the Hepsia Control Panel that can help you make your Internet sites more popular among visitors with minimal efforts. The instruments are really convenient to use and offer a very simple interface, so you can take advantage of them even if you lack prior experience and you're making your very first Internet site.

Marketing Tools in Shared Web Hosting

One of the most useful instruments which you'll find in Hepsia is a sitemap generator which will enable you to create a detailed map of every website in your shared web hosting account. You will be able to select how many links to be a part of it as well as the type of files which will be indexed. Not only is using a sitemap convenient for your targeted customers, but it will also help search engines to index your website content better and to show any website updates. What is more, you will be able to use two other instruments that will enhance the overall user experience - a GeoIP tool that will permit you to redirect visitors to different landing pages in case that you have localized versions of your site for different parts of the world, and an RSS feed software instrument which will enable you to submit various updates. The second will be very handy when you offer products or have a news site. Our user-friendly instruments will help you boost the popularity of your sites fast and easy.

Marketing Tools in Semi-dedicated Hosting

One of the things that will have the greatest positive impact on your websites will be to generate a sitemap and you can do this with only a few clicks using the sitemap generator that we provide. As this tool generates a search engine friendly file, the search results which people will see from your website will be more exhaustive, not mentioning that updating the sitemap will also make it easier for search engines like Google to keep track of all the changes you make on the website. You can choose the number of links and what kind of content the sitemap will include. Furthermore, we provide two more software tools that will enhance the user experience of your site visitors. Thanks to the GeoIP function in Hepsia, you will be able to redirect people to various landing pages depending on their location, so you can have localized versions of your website for different target areas. The RSS feed tool will enable you to post updates, so anyone who has subscribed will receive news, promotions, etc, on their computer or smartphone.

Marketing Tools in VPS

As Hepsia is available with all virtual private server packages that we offer, you could use all software instruments that we have included in it if you select it as the internet hosting Control Panel for your new account. Beyond doubt, the most useful instrument that you will find will be the sitemap generator. Using a sitemap nowadays is important because search engines actively use sitemaps so as to find more elaborate information about the content of the sites they index. Thus, not only will you make it easier for visitors to locate content on the Internet site, but you will also boost the position of your site in search engine results. You can also make your website more popular among visitors by redirecting them to localized web pages using the GeoIP software instrument and by keeping them up-to-date with news and promotions using the RSS feed instrument. Being proactive about things like this and enhancing the overall user experience will make it more likely that your visitors will come back later or will share your website with their friends.

Marketing Tools in Dedicated Hosting

You will be able to use our software instruments with all dedicated server packages that we provide as Hepsia is among the options for the website hosting Control Panel that you'll find on the signup page. The user-friendly sitemap generator is the one which can affect the performance of your Internet sites the most since it will permit you to generate an XML sitemap - the format which is used by search engines. That way, your visitors will find content on your Internet site without any difficulty and search engines will give preference to your website in the results they present as they will be able to index the website content better, including improvements. Hepsia also features a GeoIP redirection instrument, so that you could have different landing webpages for visitors from different regions of the world, which can make your websites very popular among local communities. Last, but not least, you can publish various news about your Internet site via the RSS feed tool and anybody who subscribes for this option on your site will be able to read them on their smartphone or computer.